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R100RT & Random Parts

I have the following parts for sale.

The following from a 1981 R100RT with 24K on the Clock:*R100RT Final Drive '81 with 24K miles, ratio 32/11 - $295 plus ship. *Top Engine Cover - $45 plus ship*Full airbox (no filter) $90 obo plus ship*Swingarm (bolts, brake linkage, shaft, etc) $135 plus ship.*Subframe with key lock. *Saddle Bags with mounts $225 plus ship. *Handle Bar $35 plus ship*Front wheel (snowflake, dual disc) $168 + ship*Subframe with key - $90 + ship*R100 Fork Stem & lower Clamp - $45 plush ship (fits R75, R90, R80, etc).

Additionally I have these random parts:

*Rear R75, R90 18" wire spoke full wheel - $175 + ship.

See more at <>

Price: See listed prices above

Location: Chicago

Contact: Paul B

Telephone: eight one four 3 nine seven 5 8 four eight

Posted Monday, January 15, 2018 at 8:53 pm (CST)

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