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Corbin Leather BENCH SEAT for /2 R50-R69s. Possibly 1-of-a-kind.

Here is what you may also see as a unique seat offering. Since purchasing this in "as-new" (very lightly used) condition, and without a flaw, I have searched the net high and low to see any other like it and there is no such puppy. This is a genuine Corbin-Made seat (tag and all), that was done in black leather with white piping. Like it's separated Corbin counterparts, the driver portion of the seat drops into the space normally left under a solo seat. On the rear it looks like it requires a pair of stock rear Denfeld bench seat mounting brackets to drop down into your fender mount. I have the sport tank (per picture of approx. how it fits/looks) and the seat tip will be squeezed a bit for fit. Since this bike, which is now for sale was....and still in this state of 99.2% completion, I have decided on a /5 for my 2-up riding and will be selling my R100/2, but with the stock look it deserves to have, making this unique and very comfortable bench available. Please note in picture that my fender was only "mocked" into position with a towel over rear wheel to support it up, so I never had the seat fully installed and the finalized look will be minutely more "snug" against the bike as a guess.

See more at <>

Price: 365

Location: Vancouver WA (not B.C. !!)

Contact: Alfred M.

Telephone: 503.998.3786

Posted Monday, September 04, 2017 at 4:17 pm (CDT)

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