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The real deal from a 1978 R100RS Motorsport, of which 200 were imported into the US, this is a sport or 3/4 seat, with the correct rare blue vinyl. This is the blue vinyl seat attached to the steel subframe. There is no painted cowl.

BMW imported 200 R100RS Motorsports and some small number of R100S Motorsports to the US. This sport seat was available from the parts department during that period.

Call for pics.

The blue vinyl is in immaculate condition, no rips, tears, runs :-) or abrasion marks.

The J shaped "attachers" that go around the motorcycle frame onto the steel pins appear to have been riveted to the steel subframe and parts of the J covered in a protective vinyl so as to not scratch the frame.

The underside of the seat's steel frame has one place about the diameter of a pencil that has slight surface rust, the entire rest of the frame is bright, like new, shiny black paint, even around the venting holes. One rubber bumper is missing, but is still available from BMW.

It has the black plastic document holder in the front, underside of the frame, and the door with the orange clip is in the front of the seat, ostensibly for a first aid kit.

Price: $1000/BO, includes shipping to CONUS

Location: Glenmoore, PA

Contact: Mac Kirkpatrick

Telephone: 6107156530

Posted Thursday, October 05, 2017 at 5:55 am (CDT)

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