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Category: R- Vintage Twins and Singles (R-bikes, pre 1970): parts for sale

55-69 parts

R50/2 Heads includes rockers, good fins, spark plug and exhaust threads appear good, Seats, guides, springs and valves have not been inspected. Needs cleaning. $150 ea.

R50/2 cylinder barrels, good fins, Standard bore, needs cleaning, $60 ea.

Tailight Lens, reflector, gasket. Fair condition, $10

Pair small tank knee pads, Fair condition, $10

Pair (2) brake shoes with rivets, New in box, 34 11 2 060 235; $35 ( have 2 pair)

Pair (2) brake shoes with rivets, inc. copper rivets, not sure if NOS or new aftermarket, $35, (have 2 sets)

13 11 1 252 176--Carburetor lever top float assembly Bing, NOS in package, $70

Oil dip stick, good condition, $20

Tank Emblem, chipped, $20

Head light ignition switch board, no wires, appears in good condition, $25

Exhaust pipe clamps, pair, good condition, $10

Carbon brushes for generator, Pair, $15

Price: See items

Location: SW Washington State

Contact: Dave Coburn

Posted Sunday, November 05, 2017 at 10:25 pm (CST)

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