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Category: R- Airhead Twins (R-bikes, 1969-1995): parts for sale

Genuine Buco Twinmaster Saddlebags (Pair) w/ Lights

Offered for sale: A pair (matched left & right) of genuine Michigan-made hand-laid fiberglass Buco Twinmaster Saddlebags with original lift-off lids by the Joseph Buegeleisen Co. of Detroit, the period-correct ancillary storage solution for your earlier Airhead (or /2).


These bags seems to be more or less complete, in good to fair original condition with the usual dust/dirt from recent disuse and understandable wear and weathering after 40+ years on the road.

NO SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE! Structure of original fiberglass in both bags and their lids is very sound. They come with the SURFACE-MOUNT hinged latches on the BACK (worn and will need to be replaced with inexpensive available repros). Finish appears to be the weathered original white fiberglass, with plenty of chips, scuffs, dirt, and scratches, but no significant damage or deep gouges. Insides are rough and will benefit from cleaning/relining. Untested original "beehive" auxiliary brake lights/turn signals (four!) in poor condition; they come mounted but with no lenses and will likely require replacement with reproduction lights). Dull, worn finish and/or surface rust on the metal components. BOTH lids in good condition and included! (Weatherstripping is missing and/or needs replacement.) No mounts or keys are included, but they can still be sourced or fabricated using Internet resources.

SOLD AS IS, but priced fairly to sell, reflecting condition and need for attention. With some moderate refurbishing and a new matching paint job, these saddlebags can definitely be returned to like-new condition! New old stock or fully refurbished Buco saddlebags fetch many times the asking price of these bags, even without the mounts. Get this set at a very nice price, put a little work into them, and your early Airhead will be ready to tour in period-correct style.

Price: $100 + $58 shipping in the ConUS via PayPal only, please

Location: Western Washington

Contact: C. Bynum

Posted Thursday, November 09, 2017 at 7:10 am (CST)

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