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BMW Savannah II Motorcycle Jacket

Women's Size Medium, (8-Regular) with GorTex Liner, like new, in great condition! Bought it for $500, selling this one for $150.00.

The GoreTex liner is a necessity if you plan to ride it in the rain or in cold conditions. You'll be fine at high speed for long runs with temperature in the low 30's.

You won't feel the cold wind hitting your body through that liner. It really works! The Savanna fits and feels better than anything else I tried on. Great deal on a coat that I wasn't able to wear long because I had to sell the motorcycle.

Price: $150

Location: Sloan's Lake, Denver

Contact: Phil Winner

Telephone: (303) 884-3398

Posted Saturday, November 25, 2017 at 7:59 pm (CST)

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