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R60/2 with Steib S501 SideCar

1969 R60/2 with 1957 Steib SideCar. This is an incredibly unique sidecar set up sporting an 10 Gallon ERNST HOSKE Artisan Hand Crafted Gas Tank and 12 volt conversion. I've owned this bike for more than 15 years and set it up for long distance touring. The Steib Side Car is in original condition with original lacquer paint and interior. There is a rare Porsche spot lamp with a custom mounting bracket mounted off of the sidecar. The R60/2 has a new clutch and was recently tuned up as well been kept in mechanical perfect condition over the years by BLACK KAT MOTOR-WORKS.

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Price: 25,000.

Location: Venice

Contact: Richard Henkels

Telephone: 310-505-3800

Posted Monday, November 27, 2017 at 4:43 pm (CST)

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