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1985 r80rt

1985 BMW r80rt. - $2750 OBO

This has been my cold weather / winter ride for the last few years. The bike runs great, but currently has a few common BMW issues that need to be addressed. I have two other vintage airheads and just don’t have time to keep this in tip top shape, so I’ve decided to sell it.

I have had this bike for about 2.5 years. The previous owner had a folder full of service records, but mostly for basic services, carb clean, brake adjustments, etc. I’m not sure when the last spline lub was or any other major servicing, but the bike has been well taken care of, and I will include those records with the bike.

The Bike Needs:- Left push rod seal is a bit leaky and will need to be replaced at some soon.

  • The bushings on the rear shock need to be replaced, as there is some play.

  • Drive Shaft fill plug needs a helicoil / time sert. Its snug, but not tight. You may be able to save the threads, but my guess is it needs a helicoil.

The Good:- Starts / idles / runs great.

  • The bike has a new front (less then 500 miles) Avon Road Rider. I have a brand new matching rear tire that will be included with the sale.

  • Cosmetically the bike is in pretty good shape for its age (7 out of 10?). The seat is near perfect.

  • The tank has some rub marks from the fairing and other scratches. Fairing does have nicks, but overall is in decent shape.

  • Battery is about 2 years old.

  • The bike has been 100% garage kept (while with me).

  • Clutch lever action is super smooth.

A few other notes:- Exhaust Nuts may be seized. I gave them a gentle tug and they didn’t come lose, but I haven’t pushed it.

  • Front brakes are a little grabby.

  • The bike has BMW heated grips, although they are not working at the moment (however I can see the issues, one wire has slipped out of wire harness, should be an easy fix).

  • Speedo / tac bulbs are burnt out. All other indicator lights work fine.

  • Has a euro style left have control unit.

  • Has a Suspension Inc rear shock (but do note the bushings need to be replaced)

  • Bike is completely original, including the emissions air system.

  • The speedo was switched out at some point. The bike currently shows 44,800, but actually has about 10,000 more miles (from what I can gather from the service records).

Bike is located in zip code 11365 (Queens, near the Long Island Boarder). Test rides with cash in hand are welcome (although with the stripped fill plug I would only suggest a low speed around the block test).

Currently NOT selling with hard cases, but for an extra $200 I can throw in a decent condition set with matching keys.

Photos here:

Emails are best, followed by phone calls.

See more at <>

Price: 2750

Location: Queens, NYC

Contact: Andrew Watson

Telephone: 2153913850

Posted Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 10:26 am (CST)

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