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Category: R- Airhead Twins (R-bikes, 1969-1995): parts for sale

Complete Airhead Tail Light Assemblies: Your Choice!

Offered for sale: Your choice of original Airhead tail light assemblies in good to very good condition, pretty much complete and in good working order, ready for you to mount on your bike. HIGH-RESOLUTION PHOTOS AVAILABLE; please e-mail me.

1) Earlier standard Airhead Tail Light for 1970-1980 Twins (VGC) -- $47 DELIVERED -- This light is in very good original condition with only minimal weathering and no significant faults, includes housing, internal reflector, and a good lens (no bulbs or wiring), appropriate for dual-shock twins 1970-1980.

2) Later Airhead Tail Light for R100RT et al., 1979-1984 Twins (GC) -- $37 DELIVERED -- This complete tail light assembly is the larger, boxier step-down style spec'd on some later dual-shock Airheads, in good original condition and fairly presentable with minimal weathering and the occasional scuff or small defect in the housing, all easily overlooked. The lenses for this style of tail light are no longer available and retail for $55 (lens only!) if you can find them. This unit includes the housing, internal reflector, and a good lens with a couple of small scratches in one corner (no bulbs or wiring) -- parts 2-5 in the linked microfiche diagram below.

One of these is just the ticket for your budget Airhead rebuild!


Payment via PayPal electronic transfer only (no e-checks) with shipping to ConUS addresses, please. Absolutely NO international shipping.

NB: Every effort has been made to describe this item honestly and accurately to the best of the seller's knowledge and ability, in good faith; however, it remains the responsibility of the buyer to do his/her own research, ask any questions, and review the listing and photos thoroughly to ensure that item meets expectations for condition and use and to assure compatibility of this part with his/her intended application or project. Seller is NOT responsible for errors in provenance. This item is SOLD AS IS without warranty (express or implied); with regret, NO returns/refunds are offered on this item.

Thanks for your interest.

Price: Early Style $47; Later Style $37; FREE Shipping in ConUS/PayPal only!

Location: Western Washington

Contact: C. Bynum

Posted Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 4:04 pm (CST)

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