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Category: R- Airhead Twins (R-bikes, 1969-1995): parts for sale

Assorted airhead parts,early 80s to mid 90s

1987 monolever R80: Final drive, 32/10 ratio,$180. Head light complete,rim,reflector and shell.$80. Rear wheel, $125. Exhaust headers with cross over, $80. Exhaust collector 2 into 2 $50. Stainless aftermarket Y pipe exhaust collector 2 into 1 low muffler $180. Tail light turnsignal complete unit with aux led brake light, very nice cond. $80. Pics available on request, buyer pays shipping. Other /7 and later parts available. just ask.

Price: $50 to$180

Location: Bastrop Tx.

Contact: John Tabor

Posted Monday, March 05, 2018 at 9:20 am (CST)

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