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2009 R1200R in great condition

I have in my hot little hands a R1200R 2009 in Great Condition. The problem that leads me to sell this wonderful machine is ME. Or rather not enough me. I am far to short in the leg (28") inseam ( ok lets get all the jokes out of our systems shall we.) I have decided to return to my root so to speak by selling this bike and getting an Airhead. I've ridden many a mile on my beloved R80RT but made the stupid mistake of listening to the sirens call of newer better faster more HP. now having taken a few cold showers and having to listen to all the jokes about how I should ride side saddle and such. I just had enough. So it up for sale or trade if you have a great airhead.

Price: 5200 TO 5800 or trade for a real nice airhead

Location: San Diego

Contact: Terry Kenney

Telephone: 858 922-1932

Posted Wednesday, May 02, 2018 at 4:48 pm (CDT)

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