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Category: R- Airhead Twins (R-bikes, 1969-1995): parts for sale

/5 Chrome Hubcap Discs for Airheads Twins 1970-1975

Offered for sale: /5 Chrome Hubcap Discs for Airheads Twins 1970-1975, fit your /5 drum brake hubs.

Very good cosmetic condition with bright polished finish, no rust, and no significant faults.

I have more than one.



Payment via PayPal electronic transfer only, please (no e-checks). Buyer pays an additional FLAT RATE $7 for Postal Service Priority Mail shipping on anything purchased from this listing. Absolutely NO international shipping.

NB: Every effort has been made to describe this item honestly and accurately to the best of the seller's knowledge and ability, in good faith; however, it remains the responsibility of the buyer to do his/her own research, ask any questions, and review the listing and photos thoroughly to ensure that this item meets expectations for condition and use and to assure compatibility of this part with his/her intended application or project. Seller is NOT responsible for errors in provenance. This item is SOLD AS IS without warranty (express or implied); with regret, NO returns/refunds are offered on this item.

Get these hubcaps at a great price, and they should be just the ticket to keep your restored Airhead looking good on the road for many miles to come!

Price: $25 (EACH) + $7 flat-rate shipping on whatever you buy; ConUS/PayPal only, please

Location: Western Washington

Contact: C. Bynum

Posted Friday, May 11, 2018 at 4:27 am (CDT)

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