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Before you move on to the ads, please take a minute to read this page. Reading the Rules before you start will help to keep your Ad from being automatically deleted.


The Disclaimer

The IBMWR and The IBMWR Marketplace are not responsible for the quality of items sold through the Marketplace.

Let the Buyer and Seller Beware.

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What is "The IBMWR Marketplace"?

The IBMWR - BMW Motorcycle Marketplace © is a Web Page listing of advertisements for BMW Motorcycles, parts and accessories and BMW motorcycle related items only.

It's not that we are elitist, it's just that we don't have the time or money to try to be all things to all people. Actually, many IBMWR members own and ride bikes other than Beemers. It is not supported or endorsed by BMW AG, BMW NA, or any other organization or club in any way. All costs associated with producing this page are paid for by IBMWR via donations and volunteerism.

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Who Can Post Ads?

Anyone, as long as you are not a Commercial Dealer or Vendor, you are welcome to place an Ad. Some very specialized vendors may place Ad's, if the items are hard to find, or the vendor is the only available source. Some Vintage Items are the best example of this type. Please contact an administrator in advance, before placing an ad of this type.

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Why does it exist?

It exists primarily out of frustration with other venues for buying and selling BMW Motorcycle related items. Publications such as the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America's, "ON", or "Owners News", and the BMW Riders Association's "On The Level", provide an excellent Ad Section. However, most of the time when you call to inquire about an item listed, it has been sold or the person has already found an item they are looking for, and you just wasted a long distance phone call. The Marketplace tries to overcome two problems, one, to provide a free, or nearly free way to contact people, by using E-Mail, and two, to provide a constantly updated listing of ads.

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Who Runs It?

The Marketplace is maintained by IBMWR volunteers, who moderate all the Ad submittals. The current version of The Marketplace (3.3) was developed by Mark Ketchum, a long time list subscriber.

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How Did It Start?

The Marketplace was originally started by Tom Keen.

>From: (Tom Keen)>To: Mike Nolan <>>"Seems like it was Feb. 1995 when it got started...>The marketplace was the end product of spending a month>of cold winter evenings learning about the web and html.>Its was an experiment. I thought I would keep it going>for a few months and if I was either bored with it or>there was no interest I was going to shut if off after>the trial period. But... it caught on.">"Not much else interesting, except that it was and is>the only bmw specific site devoted to bikes and parts.">"I always find the stats interesting... amazing where folks>come from that visit."

In 1997, Tom crashed and burned and Mike Nolan took over. Mike deserves lots of credit for his effort in the next couple of years. He revised the site, creating version 2.0. which allowed search, look-up, an email based update, and form-based submission of the Ads.

In July of 2000, Mike decided to turn responsibility for the Marketplace over. The Admin Team made a decision to utilize a group of volunteers to help maintain the site. Its was also decided at that time to permanently move the marketplace web pages and scripts to the IBMWR server.

Mark Ketchum, a long time list subscriber, developed an updated version of The Marketplace, to run on the IBMWR servers. Known origianlly as "Version 3", it has been through several upgrades and could now be called "Version 3.3".

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How Does it Work?

The files for the Marketplace are stored on the IBMWR's web server. All of the web pages are created "on the fly" by php- based scripts. The info you see on your browser is the most current ad content.

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Can Spammers Get My E-Mail Address From the Marketplace?

Yes, but they have to work to get them. All the response addresses on the Ads are hidden by a reCaptcha function, so scrapers looking for E-Mail addresses to steal, have to work hard and take the time to complete the reCaptcha validation. It's not a perfect system, and some scrapers will get past it, but there are no e-mail addresses downloaded with the web page.

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When Does it Get Updated?

The Marketplace is usually updated about once a day. If you submit or delete an Ad, your request will be processed at the next updating, at which time one of the volunteer Admins will review your request and either accept or reject it. This cuts down on duplicate ads and misuse.

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How do I Look Up Ads?

Click on the link for the category of interest, and the relevant Ads will be displayed. The "All Ads, All Categories" link can result in a very large listing, so for your convenience and to relieve load on the ibmwr server, please use the category links. You can also use the Ad Search form to further refine the ads you see.

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Can I get the Ad's Via E-Mail?

Yes you can. Use the link on the Categories page for instructions.

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How do I Enter An Ad?

To place an Ad use the "Submit" link to call up the submission Form. Fill it out and hit the submit button ... voila! You will receive an email confirmation that your ad was received. Included in that email will be a Ad ID# number. Save this email because you will need the number and the e-mail address to delete your ad when your item(s) sell or if you wish to modify your ad in anyway.

And, if you have several things to sell, feel free to place several ads in the appropriate categories.

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How Should I Write the Ad?

Starting at the top of the Form, read and follow the instructions for each input box. Read some existing Ads to get ideas for making your Ad attract attention.

When you place an Ad, be honest and don't misrepresent your product or yourself. If we obtain information that leads us to conclude that you are misrepresenting the item(s) you want to sell or have provided false information about yourself, we will pull your ad and ban you from further use of the service.

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Why Is the Input of the Forms So Restrictive?

In order for the Ads to be brought up so many different ways, they have to have an exact format. This allows the most flexibility in pulling the Ads up by different types. Currently, there are about 50 different combinations of categories that can be looked up. This makes it possible to find items you are interested in, while skipping those you are not.

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How do I change the price on my Ad?

The only way is to delete your old ad and submit a new one.

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How Can I Get Pictures Of My Stuff to Display?

If you have your own Web Page, and would like to place a link in your Ad to your page, just enter the URL address in the Ad description. " " using the Linkled Image markup shown in the Ad Form sidebar..

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My Ad Didn't Show Up, Why?

There are several reasons why your Ad may not show up in the Marketplace. Ads must contain Your Name and E-Mail Address, and a Price if it is a "For Sale" Ad. "For Sale" Ads Posted without a Price will not be posted. If you post it as "best offer" or "negotiable" great, but you still have to price it. No exceptions.

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How Long Will My Ad Stay on The Marketplace?

From time to time we cull the ads and take really old ones out in back of the barn and shoot them. Generally, Ads are allowed to remain on the the Marketplace for about three weeks.

If you think your Ad will expire soon, find your old ad, send in a cancel and resubmit it.

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How Do I Buy Long-Distance?

Ted Verrill's How To Buy A Used BMW Motorcycle is an excellent page to read before setting out on your Bike Purchase Adventure.

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Where Can I Find Price Information?

Motorcycle Consumer News maintains a Used Bike Value Guide, that includes a BMW Resale Values Page that lists the current value of most models of BMW's. Classifieds2000 also runs a listing. You might want to cruise their Motorcycles Ads. It might also be a good idea to lookup Ads here at the Marketplace, and at the above sites, that are similar to your item, and note the prices.

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What if I Have A Problem With Someone?

If you encounter a problem dealing with someone, We would like to hear about it. Contact an administrator and let us know about it. We may not be able to resolve it, but we sure will try to.

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