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Marketplace Rules

These rules are for the general benefit of the users, and to make the life of the Administrators a little less difficult. Some of the rules are enforced by the scripts that run the site. Others are enforced by the Administrators themselves.

  1. Ads entered in ALL CAPS LIKE THIS are automatically rejected.

  2. We do NOT accept ads where an item is on an auction! This is not an auction advertising service!

  3. Ads must be for BMW motorcycles, parts, accessories, or related goods only. Non-OEM clothing and gear, such as Aerostich, First Gear, etc. or related goods are ok. We reserve the right to determine how related the item is.

  4. No commercial use is allowed. Individuals only, no companies!

  5. Fill out the Ad submittal form completely - the only fields you can omit are the Picture Link URL and the Telephone Number. If it is a "wanted" Ad, you may be vague about the Price but you still have to put something there. If the ad is a "for sale" ad, you MUST enter a price for each item being sold separately! Also, each item being sold must be listed. You may not say "contact me with needs" or any similar solicitation. If it isn't worth listing with a price - it isn't worth listing.

  6. Please include your name (first and last), and an e-mail address.

  7. Try to put your Ad in the correct Category. Administrators may move it to another Category, without notice, if it is obviously in the wrong place. There is cross-over and ambiguity among categories, but try to stick within these guidelines:

    Bikes - Complete bikes, running or not.

    Parts - Tanks, exhaust systems, wheels, and the like.

    Accessories - Tank bags, luggage, auxiliary lights, etc.
    An item is EITHER a part or accessory, not both. Choose one!

    Gear - Clothing, helmets, camping equipment, stuff not part of the bike.

    Miscellaneous - GPS, other items not specific to a particular line.

  8. HTML tags are not allowed in the Ad text. They are automatically stripped by the site scripts. If you want to link to a picture or other additional information, you can use the Picture Link URL field. The contact URL must be fully qualified, including the http:// prefix but without surrounding quotes or tags.

  9. Your Ad Description will be formatted by the marketplace Scripts using the markup fomatting shown in the Submit Form sidebar. Smart paragraph formatting, bold and italic emphasis, lists, tables, inline links, and linked images can be formatted using the markup. Copy and paste the example markup from the sidebar into the "Description" field to get started.

  10. Keep your use of inline linked images reasonable. Many images, particularly large ones (bigger than the formatted width of the Ad) are discouraged. Please use no more than four images, and keep their maximum size below 800 x 600 (or 600 x 800) pixels. If you are linking to a picture gallery that requires login, then you may be able to see the pictures in your preview, but others may not.

  11. Ads with inappropriate language will be rejected, or if it slips by us, deleted without notice. Use your judgment on what is inappropriate, but profanity is absolutely forbidden.

  12. The Marketplace is not a Forum. Postings are for advertising, not for discussing other Ads (or any other issue). If you take issue with any Ad, then discuss it with the Admins, address the advertiser, or discuss it on mailing lists or forums (if they allow it). Do not post Ads denigrating other Ads.

  13. You will receive courtesy e-mail from the marketplace when the Ad is submitted, when (if) it is accepted, and again when it is deleted. The courtesy e-mail contains an AdID number that is required for deleting the Ad. If you lose this number, you can retrieve it by going here.

  14. To change an Ad, you must delete it and submit a new one with the changes in place.

  15. Ads will run for approximately three weeks, at which time they will be deleted. You may place the Ad again, after it has been deleted, if you so desire.