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  1. Select the Ad categories to search, using the buttons in the Category table. This narrows your search. The overlapping columns are significant: if you select a button in a lower row that overlaps a column above it, the overlapped column is ignored.

  2. Select the Ad field in which to search, from the Ad Field drop-down list. For example, if you are looking for something from a particular state or city, you would search in the Location field, or if you are looking for a particular motorcycle model, you could search in the Title or Description fields.

  3. Enter the words for which you are searching in the Search for text box. Ads will be found that contain all the words you enter, either as whole words or parts of words; the search is not case sensitive. For example "RT" will match "1100RT", "1200RT", as well as "RT" and "parts". There are no grouping, wildcard, or regular expression characters available.

  4. Click the Seach Ads button.

  5. New pages will come up with listings of the Ads that meet your search criteria. A form at the bottom of each listing page will allow you to revise you Search Parmaeters.